We present a hard instances generator for the Open Shop Scheduling Problems from [1].

The random instances generator takes the number of jobs n and the number of machines m as input and requires three parameters k, p and f .

  • k: integer number, such that the sum of each line of P is equal to k. The value k mod m is added to the diagonal of P .
  • p: number of perturbations, such that for each perturbation, two task’s processing times Pij and Pkl, i <>k and j <> l, are randomly selected from P , from which…

Linear and Integer Programming

A linear program is constituted of a linear objective function that models a profit to maximize or a cost to minimize, and a set of linear constraints that restrict decision variables. It has been the subject of very extensive research, and was given a major boost by Dantzig’s development of the Simplex method.

Mathematically, a linear program is formulated as:

It is pretty simple, all you need to do is create the base repo in your dropbox folder and push your code.

Create a git project

mkdir -p ~/myProject cd ~/myProject git init git add .

Create and setup the Dropbox base repo

mkdir -p ~/Dropbox/Git cd ~/Dropbox/Git git init --bare myProject.git

Add the remote Dropbox folder

cd ~/myProject git remote add origin ~/Dropbox/Git/myProject.git

Add a first commit

echo >> "README.md" git add .git commit -m "first commit"

Push the code into the remote Dropbox

git push -u origin master

gitdropbox: a script that creates a remote Dropbox repo

Here is a script that creates a new git project in ~/"new project" and initializes a git repo on your Dropbox folder (~/Dropbox/Git/"new project").

gitdropbox myProject will do all of the above in one command.


Did you know Operations Research is helping design better public transit ? It is helping to improve the quality of public transit and at the same time, help realize large savings.

It helps answer the questions:

  • How many buses are needed ?
  • Where should they be parked and at what time should they be sent to service the public?
  • What territory should be covered, how many routes and where should be the bus stop and terminus?
  • etc.

In fact, for decades new, public transit is providing interesting, complex and challenging Operations Research problems.

Operations Research can tackle such complex problems…

In this article, we highlight 5 industries that cannot survive without Operations Research.

1) Electricity generation

For an Electricity provider, the amount of energy injected into the electricity grid must be equal to the total energy consumed. All the time!

Each player in the electricity system must ensure a balance between the consumption of its customers and the production of its plants. To ensure this balance, the electricity producer realizes each day for the next day a forecast of the consumption of its customers and must build a production programs for each of its plants accordingly.

The development of these production programs is…

Gentlemen, we are out of money. We shall have to think.

Winston Churchill

In this article, we highlight 6 Signs your business will benefit from Operations Research

1) You have decisions to make

Are you faced with more decision factors than you can get your arms around? Do your key operational systems lack intelligence?

Operations Research professionals can analyze complex situations and build intelligence into key systems, revealing the best options and decisions. Talk with an Operations Research professional to confirm that taking an Operations Research approach will pay dividends.

2) You want to optimize your process

One or more of your processes is broken or needs to be reviewed and optimized to…


Operations Research, Decision Aid and Optimization

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